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Ana Briard in Tokyo


            Hello! I’m Ana!

            I write from my heart, the only thing that brings joy to both my soul and those around me. My writings cover everything that brought me an inspiring life after accepting who I was, with good and bads. I lay on the paper everything I lived, once I followed my own path and fears, I moved away more and more from what I was and became what I am.

           With enthusiasm, will, passion, and many twists, I decided to follow my personal journey.

           The love for nature made me also follow the path of photography. Through vibrant images, I complete the painting of the lived adventures, so that you can see with your eyes and feel with your entire body what made my heart quiver. The stories, coupled with practical tips, will transpose you into the alien realm and give you the energy to begin to work out all the details for your next escapade.

          Balance, respect, and understanding are what I learned from my parents, long-term entrepreneurs. As revealed to me, the traveling legs and goodness I have inherited from my mother, a fighter of the times I lived in, who managed the passion for travel, some energetic children and the development of her own career amazingly. My father gave me the active mind, positivism and the desire to leave behind something inspiring to others.

          Reflecting on my powers, I chose to go further than where I was. I wanted to follow my dream and give the others the strength, inspiration, and energy for their own desires. That’s how the brand Ana Briard was born. It is everything that I have accumulated over time, a whole package of feelings, ideas, principles. Loyalty, honesty, appreciation, integrity, love for beauty, support, and community. My unshaken pillars to which I come back every time the whirl of life blunts my eyes.

         Both the stories and all my activities reflect this big dream of me. I hope they will inspire you also to go on your chosen path, to take steps, even small, towards your own happiness. Because only when we accept what we really are, we can enjoy the freedom that is considerably planted in our imagination.

Happy reading!


Meiji Jingu, Tokyo
On our honeymoon in Tokyo heading to Meiji Jingu.
cuddle dog
A moment of cuddle with my dog in my hometown Bacau, Romania
Japanese meal in Nara
On our honeymoon, in Nara, while having an authentic Japanese meal at one of our best ryokans.

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