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The Balance between Family and Work


The balance between family and work. Old enigma, still looking to be solved.


This week I hosted the event The Balance between Family and Work,” organized by Lean In Connect, event that I will review in the following lines.

I found this topic fascinating for us, travelers and people living away from their families, as it is the time of the year when we need to slow down and take time for ourselves.

The Balance between family and life Online Event

As I have explained in previous writing, I am a promoter of introspection, of paying attention to what our body and mind are whispering to us. Through those practices, I succeeded to stop being what others wanted me to be and to feel good about it. Thus my life improved, and my relationships thrived. I’ve opened up about that too.

Since I’ve started to love myself, I realized how many people love me back…or I didn’t care who doesn’t. These were the benefits of my first meditation retreat.


Pause Button Therapy – a Way to Reach the Balance between Family and Work

Our guest, Dr. George Silvestrovici, Romanian Integrative Psychotherapist, talked about an innovative new therapy technique, Pause Button Therapy, and showed us some exercises that we could integrate in our daily practice.


George explained how the Pause Button Therapy is giving us additional thinking time, allowing us to consider the potential outcomes of our actions and adjust our behavior accordingly. It is as if we would press a remote button, stop the time, visualize the consequences, and only after react.


He exemplified all this technique in one situation. Imagine that for Christmas you feel like eating all the delicious meals, desserts, maybe some chocolate, and why not drink some wine and perhaps some champagne. Pressing the imaginary remote button, you will take a moment for yourself, and see how you would feel after proceeding with our actions. Mostly sure, you will feel remorse (and maybe stomach ache). The result? You will rethink your initial plans.


It is very recommended, as George explained, to apply this method before holidays, before entering deeply into the wave of celebrations, meals, and parties. Like this, we could analyze ourselves and revisualise our past year. We would then know what we liked and didn’t like, what made us happy and what made us sad, what filled us with joy, and what filled us with anger. As a consequence, we will reconfigure our mind to what it is best for us, instead of acting hastily.


Can we use this method with people around?

Answering one of my questions, he related that we can carry the ‘remote control’ point with us at any times. We will succeed the anchoring by touching the location shown below in the moments of joy, bliss or increased awareness. It will remain our secret point and tool. Like this, we can use it whenever we remember to use it, even with people around.


Balance between family and work achieved with the Pause Button Remotre therapy.

⚖️ What is your favorite technique of keeping the balance between family and work? ⚖️


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