Self-promises cannot be defeated.
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Self-Promise, the Easiest to Forget

A self-promise may not be defeated.
The sunset in Miyajima (宮島) reminds of our self-promise and turns the existence to our inner desires

One year ago, I made a self-promise.

I will document all honeymoon escapades in my articles,” I thought determinedly.

I honestly felt that way, was so excited! We filmed almost all our days with the GoPro to relive every moment of it. We had lots of fun pretending to be some VIPs reporting for some international magazines!

What happened next?… Life happened.

I entered into a whirlpool of deadlines, to-do-lists, expectations. Then guess what? Yes, I neglected my goals and passion for writing. It’s true; I didn’t stop writing entirely. After all, I started writing as a form of therapy, so I couldn’t just let it go.

But I wrote joyless pieces because…well, I had to. And what is life without joy after all? What is life without the thrill of being alive? Turning your passion towards other directions than the ones you wanted can hurt badly. Maybe not in the beginning. But it will come, settle, and stay there until you are aware of it.

I know it sounds like a very cliche story, but hey, that’s who I am, and I am done with hiding.

It’s ok to take life easier, not pressure yourself and move on.

As long as you’re determined and ambitious, you will remember your self-promise. You will come back to what you started. Our self-promises are in our head, in our subconscious. They are not disappearing. That’s anyway what I tell to myself every time I feel the word crushing down around me. And it’s working.

My next mission? Restart writing. Finish what I’ve started. How about you?

See you all very soon!


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