Special gifts: Ideas for all family and friends
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Special Gifts: Ideas for all Family and Friends


Travelers, nature lovers, beer lovers, sportspersons, future moms, I’ve got you covered. Also, I added some suggestions for chic gifts suitable for everyone, and special tips for gifts that you can buy very fast!

Special gifts: Jolly season!
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Special gifts. Who doesn’t want them?

How many times haven’t you promised yourself that this year you’re buying something original? Something uncommon, something truly special! That you’re going to stop buying clothes, chocolate or electronic devices, nicely wrapped in a Christmassy paper just to give the impression is something amazing inside! I know, we’ve all been there.

*This content contains some affiliate links. Nothing will change for you if you buy the gifts by accessing the links, but just help me a bit. Anyways, you can anytime use the ideas just as inspiration. Cheers!

After spending together with my husband an entire day to practically contemplate, discuss, verify, re-verify and finally decide what presents to buy for our family in France (so just from his side!), here are the results of our great research!

Hopefully, you won’t need to spend the same amount of time that we did!

Something different for the Traveler:


Photo by Artem Bali from @coupleinthesky

  • Shirt cufflinks:
    • World Cufflinks. Personally, I really love the non-colored ones, vintage-looking, as they are more discreet and easy to fit with any suit.
    • But why not also try MiniVan Cufflinks! They go super well with a simple white shirt and a black suit, nothing fancy.
  • Custom-map bottle opener. Loving beer AND travel? This is a fantastic fit! It can reach quite pricey, but some things might just worth the price. Or can be used as models for self-made gifts.
  • World Tea Box: Do you know someone who loves tea as much as traveling the world? How about then the Whittard of Chelsea Tea World Gift Box! It has a selection of 9 teas from all around the world, all packed carefully in a global tea collection.
  • World Coffee Box: Oh, they are coffee fans? Apparently, Whittard thought about that too. Check this Whittard of Chelsea Coffees of the World Gift Set and surprise your coffee lover with 9 ground coffees from around the world!

Something representative for the Nature Lover:

Photo by @catherinethebrave
  • Wood Bowtie & Cufflinks. For my father-in-law, we bought just a simple pair of cufflinks. But I would have definitely gone for a bowtie also if it was for my husband!
  • Walnut Wood Cufflinks. This is a cheaper, though still stylish choice.
  • Bamboo Wood Watch. They have different models from where you can choose, making it a bit more personalized. We went for the one with the anchor, as the person we bought it for is a fan of boats and loves the ocean. Personally, I prefer the one with the simple infinite sign. They say it’s for men…but I would’ve bought one for myself!

Something rewarding for the Beer Lover:  

  • Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener. It took us some time to find this one, and it came from…America. Still, it’s in good shape and ready to use. Maybe there’s not so much time to order precisely this one to arrive until Christmas, but why not check a local shop?

Something helpful for the Sports Lover:

  • Fitbit Unisex. I must admit I am not using one. I am not a sportswoman, I am bearly crawling my legs to my gym which is 10 minutes away from me. But I know a lot of people that are addicted to the Fitbit! Many colors and models available!
  • Fitbit Wristband. I personally like the usability of this one. It’s thinner, and I guess it’s easier to have it with you when you’re actually training. What do you, sportspeople, think?

Something useful and chic for the future mom (or more for the baby)

  • Necklace for Breastfeeding, baby-wearing & teething We found this fabulous necklace, by pure chance! It is made by a mum entrepreneur, who decided to make her own jewelry at first, but then, as more friends were asking her where did she have them from, she started to create and diversify the palette. And, now, voila, she is running this company of creative products for chic mums!

Something special for girls

Rebel Girls Books. THIS is one of my favorite presents! My niece is just 1 year old now, but as soon as she’s 3-4, I am going to offer her all of them!

Something chic for everyone

Photo by The Creative Exchange
  • Tea Box: I usually go for classic, so I would choose this simple one from Twinings. For you, lucky ones, that live in France, I’ve found these two wonderfully practical tea boxes, from Maison du Monde.
  • Why not tea box with…tea?
    • I am a tea lover myself, and for me, as much tea, I can have in my home, the better. So, of course, I would love to receive this big Twinings box, with 120 individually wrapped tea bags!
    • For the regular enthusiasts (not maniacs, like me!), they offer a regular sized tea box with 40 tea bags.
    • Want a more itsy-bitsy touch? With a super cute design of the box, which makes it the perfect gift, very reasonable value, and lovely flavors, The English Tea Shop wins the game. They have available some Christmas Editions, looking very fancy!
  • Massage Candle: For this Christmas, we chose to surprise someone in our family with a Mojito scented candle. Don’t worry, they also have some more classical scents. For a more glamorous choice, you can try a soft dark vanilla scented candle. Bolder? Maybe a chocolate scented candle with a cheeky designed box would be a better choice!


Special gifts nicely wrapped
Photo by @dedebanghenderson

Something practical for everyone (…and fast to buy)

  • Magazine Subscriptions: I personally chose the printed versions of the WIRED Magazine and the Economist
  • Gift Cards: Whenever you don’t know what to buy or don’t have time…gift cards save you from all the trouble! Ideas?
    • Etsy Gift Card. With values varying from 20 to 200 Euro/USD, the Etsy Gift Card offers the opportunity to choose from a variety of items! I would love to receive one!
    • MOO Gift Card. Do you need to offer a present to someone who cares for their business to look neat and professional? MOO is a service that creates beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials. The gift card can value from 10 to 100 Euros/USD.
    • Didn’t find anything? Don’t worry! You can offer even an Amazon Christmas gift card!

❤️ Have you found your presents yet? There’s only one more week until Christmas! ❤️





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