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5 Things to Do as an Expat to Integrate into Lisbon’s Life — or 5 Failed attempts

  1. You are in town and call your friend to have a coffee. He/she is not available, has already other plans with his/her Portuguese friend, you are too late. Go home.
  2. You go out and engage in conversation with locals. They don’t understand English and ask if you can speak Portuguese. You speak your Portuguese, but they don’t understand anything. Go home.
  3. 12 pm, it’s sunny, and you prepare to go out in the park. 12:30, you get out of your home, walk 2 minutes and starts raining. You go home.
  4. You decide it’s time for a checkup to the doctor. You call SNS service to find out more information. The robot greets you, “…for English press 9”. You press 9. A lovely lady/men answers to you in Portuguese. You decide to stay home.
  5. It’s lunchtime, and you want a coffee. You go downstairs to a pasteleria and ask for a COFFEE, and receive um café. You’re still sleepy. You go home
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